Time to Move On

It is time to move on.

Yes. You read that title right. It is time to move on. Mos’ def. I started this blog just to share my addiction and obsession and I appreciate all the comments and feedback that I’ve been getting from everyone. It’s been nothing but positive things since I’ve started my online Sarracenia blog-ish stuff.  I just can’t keep all this madness to myself… SO I’ve decided it is now time to expand.  After all, just like the seedlings – I’ll need room to grow. So I’m moving.  Well, not me — but rather this blog is moving. There will still be all the Sarracenia goodness that you’ve come to know and love — and now there is room for MORE!

So, it is with great joy and excitement that I tell ye to please updateth yer bookmarks, URLS, and all other web administrative type stuff to now go to the *new* locale… enjoy!


[ I need room. Time to expand.]

Phresh Phyllodia

Sup Y’all!

Past couple of days I’ve been hackin’ away at the pitchers. So far, looks good. Most of the plants have been sliced and diced down to their rhizomes.  Dead pitchers have been removed, but some still have some leaves on. Some Sarracenia will produce non carnivorous leaves called phyllodia. Plants like Sarracenia oreophila, flava, leucophylla and their hybrids will have these non carnivorous winter leaves. Phyllodia is used for that all important winter time photosynthesis.

Just a few photos of some phresh phyllodia…

[Sarracenia oreophila]

[Sarracenia leucophylla “Purple Lips” x flava var. rubricorpora]

[Sarracenia ‘Alucard’]

Thank you all for participating in the first ever giveaway here on The Pitcher Plant Project!  Again, I am so VERY thankful for all of you who check in time to time and allow me to share a little bit of my obsession and Sarracenia psycho-bable with you! YOU GUYS ROCK! Anyway, there *WILL* be more chances to win interesting plants/stuff here in the future, so be sure to tune in often!

So, announcing the winner of this Sarracenia seedling giveaway

3 seedlings of one of my very first Sarracenia crosses from 2008 — Sarracenia “Bug Bat” x “Diane Whittaker”

Wait for it…

Waiit for it…

Waaiiiiiiiit for it…



Ice Ice Baby!

Sup y’all. As you saw in my last post, my plants are pretty much just… well… dormant, dried n’ brown. I spent some of this weekend actually trimming some back, and didn’t even get to a third of the plants. All good, working on it little by little.  That’s just in that one grow area too… Dude, I still have outdoors and other greenhouse to go through. Fun stuff though! I freekin’ love this stuff.  It’s my winter project right now, to conquer and divide. Yeah, I have lot’s o’ dividing to do as well.

So, while I’m here in relaxing in my mild temps with me Sarrs crispy and dormant; other growers have their stuff in under snow and under ice. Ice Ice baby.

Yeah, eff the big conglomerate corporations selling these awesome plants in death cube cylinders saying that terrariums n ‘ish are needed.  Whatever. These plants are meant for the outdoors and not be behind plastic death cubes. Or thrown under benches to rot.  Not at all my friends. Not at all…

Anyway, just wanted to share some photos of some Sarracenia grown by my friend Aaron Carlson in Wisconsin.  His plants are out there under snow n’ ice year after year, and the plants are fine. (Thanks for letting me share your photos Aaron!)  Being that I’m in the SF/Bay Area – snow, frost, and ice are things that are totally alien to me.   I’m fascinated by it, and even more intrigued by those who grow plants in areas where they have to deal with the stuff year after year.  Anyway,I just thought these photos were pretty rad and it goes to show you that the plants don’t need to be behind glass in order to grow successfully.

Following photos by Aaron Carlson, plants grown by Aaron Carlson.

Hybrid Sarracenia seedling poking through snow
[Hybrid Sarracenia seedling poking through snow]

Sarracenia seedlings poking through the snow
[Sarracenia seedlings poking through the snow]

Sarracenia in the snow
[Sarracenia in the snow]

Time to Clean Up…

“Clean up, clean up, everybody everywhere! Clean up clean up, everybody do their share!”

‘Tis the season — the plants are now pretty much dormant, even here in mild Cali.  Many of my other friends and fellow growers have their plants locked up in ice, burred under snow, or just frozen. There’s still a couple pitchers that look OK – but for the most part, it’s a sea of crispy brown pitchers.

Clean Up
[Time for that annual MOW DOWN!]


On a side note: What I did in prior years was actually light some pitchers on fire. Yes. I am just slightly pyro. Lighting things on fire and blowing things up is pretty fun.  Especially when saying “fire, fire, fire, eh heh, heh heh” in a Beavis and Butthead kind of way. (Just kidding about the Beavis and Butthead thing… ) Not that I believed that there was any benefit to the plant or anything, – like I said, I’m just slightly pyro. In the wild though, the burns are beneficial to the plants, controlling the surrounding weed growth that compete with the plants.


fire[Eh heh, heh, heh … fire, fire, FIRE! Cornhoolioooo!]

So yeah, I got my work cut out for me this winter season. Lots of pitcher mowin’ down to do.  All good though, love doing this as it prepares the plants for spring and give me yet another excuse to be out in the garden during the winter. 🙂

Gotta clean this 'ish up. Good times![Clean up! WHOOOHOOOO!]

And if you haven’t done so all ready, check out the last post to enter and win some Sarracenia seedlings!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Wishing all of you out there a very Happy Thanksgiving!

Let us take a moment and just have an attitude of gratitude for all the many blessings in our lives.  So much to be thankful for… I’m thankful for my family, for my friends, and also you fellow gardeners out there that continue to inspire us all.

To show my gratitude, I am having a Thanksgiving GIVE AWAY! YES!!

Win free seedlings! I will be thinning out my seedling crosses soon and will give away 3 seedlings of my 2008 cross: Sarracenia “Bug Bat” x “Diane Whittaker”.  The 3 seedlings will be randomly selected by me. A sample photo of the seedlings I am selecting from below…

You Can Win This! :)[Sarracenia “Bug Bat” x “Diane Whittaker”, 2008 Cross]


1.) Have an interest in these rad and freekin’ awesome plants. That’s probably why you’re here, right?

2.) Have mad love for the plants you’ll get. Be sure to provide the proper conditions for these guys … care for the plants you’ll get.   If you don’t know how to care for em, ask me!

3.) Live in the United States. If you enter and you are not in the US… sorry. I’m selectin’ another winner. (Sorry to all my international friends, but I can only ship within the US.)

4.) Only one entry per person.

5.) Get your entries in on or before 11:59 PM Pacific Standard Time on December 3rd. I’ll randomly select a winner using this randomizer website on December 4th, and I’ll contact the winner directly. I know that it’s cold and if it’s too cold in your area to ship live plants, we’ll work out the logistics later on (shipping on a particular date, etc, etc…).  I will ship using priority mail.


Since I’ll be separating these seedlings out, I will be only shipping bare root.  Also to make it clear, I will only be selecting one winner using the randomizer website  mentioned above.  The winner will be the first person the randomizer list chooses.  If you don’t win this time around, don’t worry … there will be other giveaways here so don’t not fret! You’ll have plenty of chances to win other things! 😉  Sharin’ the love!

How to enter:

Just  comment below — tell us what you are thankful for!  Be sure to include your email in the email field below so that I can contact you. If I can’t contact you… well.. then I’ll randomly select someone else 😉

Ready…. Set… GO!
Happy Thanksgiving!

Silky Smooth

Here’s an up an coming seedling that was given to me by good friend Lois Ochs of Raccoon Ridge  nursery, not sure exactly how old this is, but my estimate would be about 3 years old.  The parentage is Sarracenia ‘Lamentations’ x flava var. rubricorpora. I am lovin’ the combination of color and nice satin-ish texture on the trap. Kinda like… dark silk seducing it’s prey to venture farther into the trap … now that’s sexy.

Sarracenia 'Lamentations' x flava var. rubricorpora[Sarracenia ‘Lamentations’ x flava var. rubricorpora]

AF Project

So, since I’m stuck on the whole AF thing (again, AF is short for anthocyanin free),  just wanted to share one of the crosses that is part of an AF hybridization project. So with this particular cross,  my goal is to create a large green anthocyanin free gigantor S. minor looking type plant.   This is only step one in the process.   Last year, fellow grower  Mike Wang, lent me a Sarracenia minor var. okeefenokeensis that was going to flower.  I had some stored Sarracenia “Green Monster” pollen in the fridge that I used on it.  It gave me a few seeds this year and the below photo is a result of that cross.    Now comes the fun part. Yay for awesome geneticish type stuff! The plants below now have that recessive AF gene, and when crossed again with another AF plant, it should unlock some of that AF goodness!  I am also hoping some of the size from the Sarracenia minor var. okeefenokeensis would carry over.  It’s going to be a couple of years, but still a something to look forward to!

Sarracenia minor var. okeefenokeensis, x "Green Monster"[S. minor var. okeefenokeensis x S. “Green Monster”,  November 20, 2010]

Hope everyone is having a great weekend so far!  Here’s an update of a hybrid that I created in 2009.  Looking forward to what the mature adult plants will be like — and not only because I think both of the parent plants are pretty FRESH, but they are also anothcyanin free, and  I flippin’ love love LOVE anthocyanin free plants.  Again, when a plant is anthocyanin free (or “AF” for shorthand) there is no pigment/coloration in it.   I guess you can say it’s equivalent to albino-ness.

[Meet the parents]

[Left: S. courtii, AF| Right: S. “Green Monster”. (S. excellens, AF)]

[S. courtii x “Green Monster”, September 28, 2010]

Sarracenia courtii x "Green Monster"[S. courtii x “Green Monster”, November 13, 2010]

And the two of the strongest seedlings were separated and are lookin’ pretty good thus far.

Sarracenia courtii x "Green Monster", Anthocyain Free[S. courtii x “Green Monster”, November 13, 2010]

Sarracenia courtii x "Green Monster", Anthocyain Free[S. courtii x “Green Monster”, November 13, 2010]

Freekin’ irritating

So, I was at the Home Depot the other day picking up some supplies for stuff I’m working on at mi casa, and ran into some Sarracenias. They have some mass produced tissue cultured Sarracenia (Sarracenia ‘Judith Hindle’) but alas, without the proper growing instructions, all these guys will pretty much be good as dead.  Sure they look just OK now, but soon they will all be wilted, and just abused.  I always get irritated since these centers that are supposedly knowledgeable about plants  are not showing how these amazing plants SHOULD be grown.  They just shove em’ under the effin’ bench and the ones in the back in the dark are moldy and rotten already.  WTF!



And in the next photo, note the Venus Fly Traps in the death canisters. Yes, they’re getting moldy too. That’s just nasty.   Total wrong care of these plants.  TOTALLY WRONG!  And WHAT the heck to they do with plants that are looking like they’re about to die (although growers like me know they can come back to life with the proper care)…  they throw em away.  Look at the lanky withering growth… shoved under benches along with other plants that clearly don’t belong there. GAH!!   And the ones that are salvagable?  I’ve suggested that some could be donated to schools, or perhaps sell at a discount. NOPE. Whatever…It will all be thrown away.

Just sad that these folks can’t see the bigger picture. I know, not much one can do about these situations and effed up corporate America, but I just had to get it out there… I’m just sayin…